Jill Paz

My multidisciplinary practice explores the nature of renovation. As a Filipina-Canadian artist, my work investigates the relationship between East and West, embodied in my own experience of cultural loss. My work asks the questions: in what ways does the skeleton of the old inform the flesh of the new? What pulses behind the desire to re-build, or create an otherwise new veneer? Here the word ‘renovation’ becomes critical; I’m interested in that which is remodeled from an existing structure, not that which is entirely re-built.

The work presented at Archivo Gallery consists of a series of paintings made on cardboard, an homage to my great grand-uncle, Felix Resurrection Hidalgo. Together with the ‘homage’ paintings are canvases layered with dense atmospheric forms. The works stem from my fascination with how images traverse our visual and material culture, and fall within a longstanding artistic reconsideration of the idea of painting.

Jill Paz Raymundo was born in Manila, Philippines, in 1982 and immigrated to the United States with her family in 1983. She studied art history at the University of British Columbia and attended an independent studio residency at Parsons School of Design, before pursuing a Master’s degree at the Columbus College of Art and Design. In 2015, she exhibited at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Last year, she had exhibitions at the Columbus Museum of Art and the Beeler Gallery in Columbus Ohio, as well as the Alte Feuerwache Loschwtiz in Dresden, Germany, where she was a visiting artist at Kunsthaus Raskolnikow and Geh8. She currently lives in Quezon City.




  The Past Is A Foreign Country  August 31, 2017  Exhibition Link

The Past Is A Foreign Country
August 31, 2017
Exhibition Link