Meryl Streep


August 27, 2016

ARCHIVO 1984 Gallery is proud to present Marc Gaba’s latest works in “MERYL STEEP” opening at 6 PM on Saturday, August 27, 2016.

Marc Gaba opens his second exhibit with Archivo 1984 Gallery titled “MERYL STREEP”. This show is a series of experiments not on portraiture but the idea of it. The locus is the actor Meryl Streep— because she’s famous for _not_ being herself. The notion of representation is thus challenged from the outset, as these are representations of representations. Ultimately, the image of the human is an oblique reflection of any other.

Marc Gaba is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work encompasses the disciplines of poetry, painting, photography, installation art, and music.

Exhibit will run from August 27 until September 17.